Practical Analytics 2nd Edition (eBook)

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Practical Analytics-eBook
Applied Analytics Concepts with Market-leading Software Tools. Comprehensive and self-contained overview of modern analytics concepts and tools, real-world skill building that reinforces fundamental concepts. Theory, applications, and hands-on experience using the latest industry tools

Practical Analytics 2nd Edition

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  • Practical Analytics 2nd Edition

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Practical Analytics (2nd Ed) explains analytics concepts and activities in a way that provides real-world skill building while reinforcing fundamental concepts. This book provides a much needed approach to analytics through theory, applications, and hands-on experience using the latest industry tools. Although many books have been written on statistical data analysis, data mining, predictive analytics and business intelligence, these books are often too technical for a business user. The goal of this book is to provide a comprehensive and self-contained overview of analytics concepts and practical experience executing those concepts with market-leading enterprise software solutions. The reader will be able to learn and apply all the concepts in the book without excessive prerequisite knowledge or experience.

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